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First Thanksgiving Dinner at MTC with Food from Hometown

The fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving, one of the important holidays in western countries. On November 24th, Mandarin Training Center held a year end gathering dinner, inviting  more than 80 students to eat and share their traditional food.
Students from Poland, America, England, Germany and many other countries tried their best to cook their special food from hometown. The organizer Stephanie Plotas said that “It’s really nice that we can work with students from different countries during the preparation of the event.”
Angie and Lizeth from Panama said that it’s a pleasure to have a hearty dinner with all the classmates, enjoying delicacies. One Russian student said that although they all speak different languages, it’s a great experience to learn Chinese in MTC and she hopes to study in Taiwan. Teacher Huang has taught at MTC for 3 years. Besides her classes, she know more about students through joining their extracurricular activities.
This is the first thanksgiving dinner in MTC. Another organizer Lien TC said that they hope to create a family like atmosphere. Unlike exchange students or oversea students, most students in MTC only stay in Taiwan for around 3 months. It’s hoped that through activities, the distance between students and teachers can be shorten and the students can regard MTC as their home.
Mandarin Training Center, founded in 19556, is one of the world's oldest and most distinguished programs for Chinese as a second language study. Over a thousand students from over seventy countries enroll for studies each year at the Mandarin Training Center. Students have different backgrounds but their goal is the same, to learn Chinese and the Chinese culture. For students with various Chinese levels, MTC will help them learn and use Chinese as well the culture and beauty of Taiwan.