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2016 International University Exposition

The Division of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students held an international University Exposition on 12th of December. As much as 94 colleges and universities are invited to set stalls at the Division of Preparatory Programs. This is a great opportunity for oversea students to know the universities in Taiwan and a place for them to be connected.
In the opening ceremony, the beating of the drum delivers the beauty of power. President Chang Kuo En greeted everyone and thanked Director Wu Chung Hsin in particular for this event and showed his gratitude for every school’s participation. President Chang also gave enthusiastic award for schools that have been coming over 6 years in a row. Students from Tungnan University prepared a performance. The dance club from The Division of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students also showed their dancing skills.  
At the expo, the university representation tried hard to attract potential students. Nice admission pamphlets filled with wonderful college life can be seen at many booths of the expo as well as the scholarship information. Students can find the department that suits them the best and the most appropriate school.
This year, about 300 students from Linkou High School, Shing Wu High School and Overseas Chinese High School participated in this grand event. Over 860 students from the Division Department came, so a total of 1,200 students attended the exhibition. Schools from NTU System and other 91 universities are exhibitors. There are a lots of prizes from the lucky draw. The most popular schools are National Taiwan University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei Medical University, National Taipei University of Science and Technology and National Defense Medical Center. Students and guests all learned a lot from the event. The exhibition lasted to 4pm and ended with joy and laughter.