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Collaborating with U. of British Columbia on Leader Development

In order to assist the academic leaders and teachers who has just worked in NTNU on their understanding of the working environment, the Flying Geese Camp was held. In addition to the offsite training during the semester, there’s also a training course on January 6th, helping the deans to acquainting how the international business is run in the campus, answering the questions that faculties may have.
President Sheu Tian Ming of the National Academy of Educational Research and President Chang Kuo En came to give a toast, encouraging the academic leaders. President Chang said that internationalization is the most important step for NTNU to transform. The leaders shoulder the responsibilities to lead the departments towards internationalization. President Sheu, who was the Dean of the College of Department of NTNU said that he was proud and honored to see that NTNU is performing better every year on internationalization. He is positive about it and bless all the departments to become successful in their filed.
The hosts of the course are Vice Cheng Chih President Wu and Yu Kuang Chao VP of the Office of International Affairs. The team lead by Vice President Wu presented a series of clips with the topic of “From NTNU to the world” that is humorous and creative, showing the problems that foreign students may face in every life.
Some leaders talked about the situation of internationalization in certain departments. Chairman Liu Hsiang Lin from the Department of Physics talked about the oversea recruitment experience he has in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Director Yeh Chu Chen from the Graduate Institute of International Human Resource Development analyzed what should be improve at NTNU, like bilingual sheets and forms, and to learn in multi-cultural ways.
Many leaders talked about the lack of fund and human resources. Vice President Wu responded that there will be more positions that will take care of internationalization in the future. The Ministry of Education and the Department of Chinese as Second Language has agreed to sponsor foreign students with a semester of free Mandarin course and 6000 NTD.
Dean of the Office of Teacher Education and Career Center Liu Mei Hui, took the floor at the second section, taking about 'Oversea Internship for Students in the Teaching Program”. NTNU has signed with many prestigious universities such as British Columbia University, Chiba University, Schools and National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore as well as established the internship program so that students will have access to more choices. We help those who wants to intern overseas like funding grants or course to be as supportive as possible to oversea interns.