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NTU System Goes to the Philippines for Collaboration

From January 10th to 13th, the NTU System delegation went South again to the Philippines, after their last endeavor to Malaysia and Indonesia for recruitment. NTU System held the "Taiwan-Philippines Academic Exchange Forum” with the officials and paid a visit to the Ministry of Science and with well-known higher education institutions. 
The first Taiwan-Philippines Academic Exchange Forum was held on January 10th. Vice President Chang Ching Ray of NTU, Vice President Lee Duu-Jong of NTUST, Vice President Wu Cheng Chih from NTNU attended the forum to meet important figures in the Philippines. Ambassador Lin Song Huann, Member of Board of Directors and Chief Finance Officer of MECO Gilberto Lauengco, Lily Milla ,director at Commission On Higher Education and many Presidents of the universities in the Philippines came to this wonderful event. For example, the Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University and the oldest university in Asia, the University of Santo Tomas.
Being the first time that NTU System with Philippine universities. NTU System briefly introduced the campus, features, research and teaching environment to foster mutual understanding. 
Ambassador Lin said that Philippine is the second most occupied country in South East Asia. The have growing economy and booming industries and an educational reform is taken place. Philippine is the most potential country in South East Asia.  
NTU is famous for its law school, medical school and engineering section. NTUST exceeds in information technology and design. NTNU is a leader in the field of music, humanities, education and sports. It enjoys a long history and has cultivated many well-known professionals. Ever since the establishment of NTU System, students can enjoy the resources of the three schools and it’s hoped that the force can be extended to the higher education in Southeast Asian countries.
Vice president of National Taiwan University Ching Ray said that after the collaboration, there are greater added value. This visit is to make the good use of the added value and to contact professors, students and graduate students in the Philippines to be involved in extensive academic events to strengthen the academic competiveness of both universities. 
The goal of the two countries' cooperation in organizing the Taiwan-Philippines Academic Exchange Forum is not only to enhance the understanding of NTU System, but also welcome future cooperation and academic exchanges for teachers and students. In addition to the academic conference held on 11 January, the delegation also visited the Ministry of Science and Technology, and held talks on educational policies and environmental issues with 18 local coalition schools with the help of Manila Economic and Cultural Office and Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines.