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DPPOCS Held Ancestor Worshipping Ceremony for New Year

The Division of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students has the largest overseas student in Taiwan. To welcome the upcoming lunar New Year, a luncheon was held on January 6th at the student restaurant of Linkou campus. Every year, the DPPOCS will held a ceremony worshipping ancestors in accordance with formal rituals. President Chang is the officiate. Guests from the Ministry of Education and other officials came and joined the worshipping ceremony. By this event, students can chat with their friends and greeted each other. 
In order to highlight the multicultural characteristics of the Overseas Chinese Department, one student from Paraguay dressed as the God of Wealth, and was asked to take pictures with students and teachers. A group of four students from Malawi sang songs on stage. The finale of the show was organized by the dance club, and was performed by Wang Guan Ying, a popular Malaysian student along with four other students, which caused a lot of sensation. 
The dishes are very delicious. President Chang and other guests have drawn many prizes, including: Giant bicycle, Polaroid, Ipad mini, health bracelet and powder bank and so on. Outstanding alumni Dr. Huang and Chief Executive Li not only helped picking the lucky ones but also donate more prizes. The biggest prize, an ACER laptop is drawn by the Director of DPPOCS Wu Chung Shin for the luckiest students. Many overseas students said that this is their first time to participate in the activities of the worshipping ancestors and it was especially fun to participate in the luncheon and the lottery.