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Alumni Hou Shih Kuang was selected as Proud of Taiwan 2017

In 2010, Global Views Monthly presented an issue about the proud of Taiwan, reporting on people that stand up the global stage. Prof. Hou Shih Kuang who graduated from the Department of Industrial Education, now teaching at the Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Development was selected because of his contribution for educating the winners of International contests. 
Six years later, Global Views Monthly once again choose the outstanding professionals among sports, performing, techniques, arts, design, food industry, education, finance and invention. The second edition of “Proud of Taiwan” will be launched in February. Prof. Hou again was enlisted because of his effort in education. 
Except for Hou, another alumni Jeff Lee from the Department of Graphic Arts and Communications was selected. Jeff was the youngest Chinese Merlin Award winner. 
Prof. Hou now serves at the Department of Interior Design of China University of Technology. He help trained the participants of the craftsmanship contest and is also the leader of the judges. From the new letter of China University of Technology, Prof. How has been encouraging their students to attend the contest for craftsmanship, and the students won back several silver and golden medals. We can learn from Prof. Hou’s persistency of learning.