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Foreign Students Celebrated New Year Together

In order to let the foreigners in Taiwan feel the traditional New Year atmosphere, the Office of International Affairs of the National Taiwan Normal University held an overseas Spring Festival party on January 13, with wonderful performances, food and lucky draws (the biggest prize is the ipad mini) and games, to prepare a Taiwanese New Year celebration for oversea students. 
There are about 150 students participating in this year's party. Students from Malaysia, South Africa, Vietnam, Italy, Latvia and other countries gathered together with joy. The festival includes the dance performances by foreign students, "Lotus Pond Moonlight". Vietnamese students showed everyone their traditional instrument, creating lovely New Year atmosphere.
Guests like Vice President Cheng Chih Fu, Vice Chairman Lu Yuan Rong of the Overseas Community Affairs Council all greeted the students. Vice President Cheng said that NTNU welcomes students from all over the world. This year, we have 1284 international students, 10.84% more than that of last year. In order to pay respect to for the support from everyone. In addition, Vice Chairman Lu mentioned that there will be a job exhibition next year and hope that foreign students can stay at Taiwan. 
The prizes of the lucky draw include Ipad mini, luggage case, Mi bracelet, movie tickets, etc. Whenever the name of the lucky person was announced, the hall was filled with laughter and joy. The pieces of papers were put together as firecrackers, those who got the answer and shouted "Happy New Year" were able to be in the lucky draw.
One student from South Africa thought it was really fun because he has the experience of celebrating the New Year with people from different countries around the world back home. Tsai from Malaysia said that his goal was to join the lucky draw and he was lucky indeed.