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NTNU Grabbed Championships at 105 University Volleyball League

The University Volleyball League was held on March 26th, NTNU again grabbed two championship on both men and women team. This is the 7th championship for the women’s’ team in a row and the 10th consecutive championship for the men’s team.

In the women’s team, NTNU has the upper hand by 6:0, however, the team from Cheng Shiu University was also strong in attack and won the next 2 rounds. In the last and most exciting round, NTNU took the lead and grabbed the championship.

At the final, NTNU v.s. NTUE, the gym was crowded with fans. NTUE won the first round but was defeated by NTNU in the next three rounds. Cheng, No.17 was popular among the fans when he serves the ball.

Cheng Hsu-Chen just transferred to NTNU and he mentioned that he has gone through tremendous pressure in his debut confronting other excellent players. It was really nice that he could be part of this team and won the 10th championship.

Coach Chang En Chung has been coaching the team for many years, after the 10th championship, he can finally relieved and yield the position to younger coaches. Chung may work as assistant coach in the future.

Wu Tsung Hsuau is awarded the most valuable player among the men’s team and Hsu Mei Chung is the best ace spiker while women’s volleyball team MVP goes to Chen Tzu Ya.