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GF-EMBA Brings Creativity into the Fashion Industry of Taiwan

The EMBA in Global Fashion, focusing on nourishing the talent in branding, marketing and fashion management, held the welcome party at Grand Hotel and presented their work of fashion. Model Lin Yu Li, President Chang Kuo En, CEO Hsia Hsueh Li and Designer Huang Hsiu Chin prepared the symbolic code that represent the five ethnic groups in Taiwan. 
According to Huang, Taiwan is rich in culture and creativity, where the indigenous people, Minnan people, Hakkanese, Mainlander and South East Asians mingle together along with the culture from Netherlands and Japan. 
Kuo Chia Ling, the General Manager of Baopu Construction Company who marries to an indigenous family, said in her welcoming speech that the students in GF-EMBA are from all kinds of ethnic group. They are proud of their origin and want to pass on the beauty of their culture into the fashion industry of Taiwan. Ed Yen, the musician that studies in the first class of GF-EMBA said that students in GF-EMBA program comes from all walks of life, including travel, fashion, music industry, living goods, marketing, TV producer, store manager, photographer, inventor and other senior manager, general manager or founder in companies. These people are experienced in their field and it’s believed that by studying in NTNU together, more opportunities and creativity ideas will be generated. 
President Chang, who is the key figure in the establishment of this program, said that the birth of the GF-EMBA is meaningful in that it is the first EMBA in Taiwan that focus on brand marketing and fashion management. Also, with the exhibition about art and fashion, GF-EMBA successfully attracts the attention of the mass media with about 200 news coverage. This power may be strong enough to bring a brand new change to the fashion industry of Taiwan.