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IHRD Received Two Honors in Educating International Students

NTNU was excellent in pushing the program of “International Higher Education Scholarship Program” and “TICA Cooperation Program of International Quality Assessment”, taking back two honorable awards at a time. 
NTNU joined the Taiwan International Cooperation Alliance in 2003, taking in charge of the scholarship program of ICDF. The program was held by the Graduate Institute of International Human Resources Development, which has been rated as the best performance in 8 consecutive years. This year, NTNU is once again awarded among 21 school and 35 programs and received the only excellent award of the TICA Cooperation Program of International Quality Assessment. 
The International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) is dedicated to boosting socio-economic development, enhancing human resources and promoting economic relations in a range of developing partner countries. We also offer humanitarian assistance and provide aid in the event of natural disasters or international refugee crises.
Through International Higher Education Scholarship Program, outstanding foreign students can come to Taiwan for further education in bachelor, master or doctoral degree. Every year, ICDF will make assessments on the quality of course provided to foreign students in universities. The ICA Cooperation Program of International Quality Assessment was first held in 2016. The programs will be judged according to all kinds of international indicators and on site. 5 programs in 4 universities took part in the assessment.  
The Graduate Institute of IHRD was established in 2003. The MBA degree program is for local and international students and is taught in English. This institute sets its goals as cultivating human resource professionals and scholars with international perspective, cross-cultural communication abilities, professional knowledge, and the willingness to serve people. This idea is in alliance with the long term plan of ICDF that wants to cultivate senior managers. In addition, the renowned Chinese language courses are really helpful to students. Now alumni from the Graduate Institute of IHRD can be found in International companies, in the government, NGO sectors etc.