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Wansai Kyoko Okada creates scholarship for NTNU

To promote the connection between Taiwan and Japan as well as foster the study of Taiwan-Japan relationship, Mr. and Mrs. Okada and Chairman Dai establish a scholarship for the Graduate Institute of Taiwan History and signed the MOU. Director General of the Tourism Bureau came the signing event. 
According to the Graduate Institute of Taiwan History, the scholarship will be given to those who study the Taiwanese history during the Japanese period and Taiwan-Japanese relationship. There will be two recipients each year for 10,000 NTD. The scholarship will last for 10 years. 
The Japanese who were born in Taiwan during the Japanese government era were called Wansai. When Japan lost the war in 1945, many Japanese were sent back to Japan, but many of them still miss Taiwan and regard Taiwan as their second hometown. Some Wansai will try to give back to Taiwan to show their love to this island. 
The Graduate Institute of Taiwan History is one of the only two graduate school that focus on Taiwan history. Since its foundation, the institute has been working hard on the promotion of local history and culture. A quarter of the students are foreign students and many of whom are from Japan. 
The Institute said that they have worked closely with universities in Japan and they go to Japan every year for an offsite learning. They also invite Japanese scholars to come to NTNU to give talks, to teach or be chair professors.