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President Awarded a Second Rank Order of Brilliant Star to Honor Prof. Li Shu De

LI Shu De, age 88, is a renowned violinist and honor Prof. at Department of Music, NTNU. On the 22nd of May, President Tsai awarded a second rank order of brilliant Star to honor her contribution on music education in Taiwan. At the Presidential Hall concert that was held at Pingtung for the first time out of the Presidential hall, four outstanding students of Li performed a special piece for their gratitude to their teacher.
LI Shu De was born in Wandan, Pingtung in 1929. Her parents exposed her to music from a very early age. In 1948, she was accepted into the Art Department at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), but she eventually switched her major to music. Li studied violin with Dai Cui-Lun. In 1957, she went to study in the US and returned to Taiwan in 1964. Li taught at Tainan Theological College Seminary and NTNU’s Music Department. She taught innumerable pupils during the more than three decades that she served as a teacher. Li is often called “the Taiwanese mother of violin.” When it comes to string music, she was a trailblazer and she trained numerous musicians who are now known internationally. Li revamped string pedagogy in Taiwan.
After President Tsai presented the order of brilliant start to Li, she chatted with her delightfully. Li expressed her gratitude towards the president. Many friends and families of Prof. Li were at the scene and congratulated her.
Ambassadors from 18 countries were at presence in this concert. Indigenous tribes and people lives in rural areas were invited. There’s a live broadcast online and on the youtube channel of presidential hall.
Jimmy Lin, one of Li’s students said that “I hope there’s more people like LI Shu De than me, because Li is teacher to many professional international violinists but I am just one violinist.”