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Mountains and Seas-A Chinese Rock Musical in NTNU

According to Prof. Gao, the script Mountains and Seas was derived from the Classic of Mountains and Seas, which he kept true to the original. The highlight of the play is that it re-organized the complex story and lots of characters and explicitly record how the ancestors describe the universe. 
President Chang was in full support of the production. Prof. Wu I Fang and Prof. Liang Chi Ming are in charged as directors of this musical. The lyrics and melody were works from Chris Babida and Chen Lo Lung. The passion and strong emotions in ancient myths like Houyi shooting the suns and Kua Fu ran after the sun, the bird Jingwei Trying to till the sea were presented in the play in rock music. 
The debut of Mountains and Seas-A Chinese Rock Musical was in 2013 at National Theater. This year, the play will take place in the Historical site in NTNU, the music hall. It was really interesting to watch this rock musical with ancient story in a building of
Baroque style. The hall was filled with audiences. Prof. Gao Xinjian, President Chang and many famous music professionals like Kay Huang and Luo Bei An. On backstage, they told the actors that they are happy to see many resources given to students and encouraged them to keep working.  
Actors are mainly from the Graduate Institute of Performing Arts and some are from other universities. Zafir is from Taipei National University of the Arts. He said that most difficult part in this play is that they have to imagine how the character is like by few lines. There are many songs that are hard to practice and sing, which is a really challenging part. He also said that because he has to sing like an old person, it took him days to practice the skill and finally mastered it.