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Installation Arts on Campus In Name of Freedom

Have you even noticed that the campus looks a little bit different lately? The Roman plaza becomes a pond for boats and the clock is surrounded with white spider webs. These are created by students from the Department of Fine Arts in the name of freedom and they will be on campus till the end of June. Everyone are welcomed to take pictures with these arts and think about freedom. 
Upon entering the library campus, you will see a pound of balls in Roman plaza with a boat on it. The creator, Lu Chun Chen, said that the inspiration comes from his childhood memory and a hope to escape from pressure. The balls are like the ocean. However, a heavy rain a few days ago add fun to this Installation art and the balls floats on the water. Lu said that the boat was damaged so that it is now under repair. 
The creator of the web, Hsu Hsin Ru, spent a month to weave a web for the tree covering the clock of freedom. What freedom means in the time that the freedom of speech is being overused? 
Tseng Ruo Ying and Chu Ling Jen created the work called declaration, placed between the dorms. The enlarged frames are decorated in black and white strips that makes one think of the limited freedom of a prisoner. There are space between frames so that people can walk between the installation arts. 
There are many more creative works on campus that invokes people’s ideas towards freedom. The supervisor of this project, Sung Hiao Ming said that it’s a good thing for students to received negative comments and frustration because you must learn from failure. 
The college of arts created a voting website. For those who like the installation, please vote for them here: http://nas.mw.com.tw/artspoll/work.php