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Department of Health Education and Health Promotion Designed VR Game to Fight Drugs

Team from the Department of Health Education and Health Promotion designed a VR game about anti-drugs. According to a study, more than 80% of teenagers used drugs because of imitation or misled by friends. 
According to Surveillance System of Drug Abuse by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the top three drugs abused are Amphetamine, K and Heroine, respectively, but there are some new kinds of drugs that appears on the ranking like synthesize Methcathinone and the average of drug abuser is 27 years old.
Prof. Guo stressed the importance of "life skills", many students lack critical thinking so that’s why they make mistakes without thinking of the consequences. For example, junior high students help drug trafficking because they might be misled that the criminal responsibility is no big deal. Students might drink coffee mix with drugs in it.
Prof. Guo Jong Long said that it’s very important for schools to teach students to know drugs because it’s 6.5 times higher for those under 15 to use drugs illegally compared to those above 21 years old. The traditional anti-drugs campaign are only cramming the knowledge, which couldn’t appeal to students.