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Prof. Shellnutt from the Dept. of Earth Sciences Receives Junior Research Investigators Award

Associate Professor of the Department of Earth Sciences John Gregory Shellnutt was awarded the Junior Research Investigators Award. On June 2nd, Prof. Shellnutt was given the award by the President of Academia Sinica James C. Liao for his breakthrough on the basic knowledge of Petrology and Geochemistry 
This year, ten junior researchers received the honor. President Liao addresses that Impact of a research is more important than Impact factor and hopes that the award winners can shoulder the responsibility of leading the research trend among young fellows in Taiwan. 
This Award encourages junior researchers in Taiwan to publish papers of major contribution in their research fields. This Award is meant to enhance the research potential of young scholars within both Academia Sinica and other research institutions in Taiwan.
Prof. John Gregory Shellnutt received his Doctor degree from Hong Kong University in 2007. Later, he works as postdoctoral researcher in Academic Sinica. In 2011, he started to teach at the Department of Earth Sciences, NTNU. Prof. Shellnutt has published 60 scientific journals for the past five years. He also received outstanding scholar award from Chinese Geoscience Union and Geological Association of Canada as well as Ma Ting Ying Excellent Paper Award for Junior Scholar.  
In addition to above scientific researches, he also takes part in a number of internationally renowned journals. Prof. Shellnutt 's main research interests include the genesis of Fe-Ti oxide deposits and A-type granites and large igneous province, and Sudbury dyke swarm, granite on Venus, intrusive rock in Appalachian Mountains. He also works scholars in Vietnam, Canada, India, Russia and Chad.  
According to the notes from the judges, the papers from Prof. Shellnutt is a very original one, which is about the formation time, genesis, evolution of Panjal Traps in Permain area and the evolution of the global tectonic movement and the impact on climate and environment. It is a study of global geological problems and we could have a further understanding of the evolution of the Earth.