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Chuang Chia Chia Won Silver in Taekowndo 2017 Universiade

Chuang Chia Chia, a Ph.D. student at NTNU and a Taekwondo athlete, made it to the final on August 23rd. However, Chuang lost to South Korean athlete Kim Jan Di by 7-14. After the game, Chuang said that she didn’t play to the fullest and the opponent found her weakness while she hesitated, which leads to lots of points. Chuang has no regrets since she has tried her best. 
The game took place at Taoyuan Arena. The audience cheered for Chuang Chia Chia whenever she showed up at the field. She has been defeating other contestants with obvious lead and Kim Jan Di was her opponent at the final game. 
Chuang was the champion at 2011 Shenzhen Universiade in the 72 kg weight class and in 2015 GwangJu Universiade, she received a silver in the 67 kg weight class. This year, her ankle was hurt and got a silver medal. Chuang said that she will take a rest and decide what she would do in the future. 
After her participation in the Olympic game last year, she decided to go on a teaching career. This year, the Taekwondo games of Universiade happen to take place in her hometown, Taoyuan. Under the encouragement of her family and coach, Chuang decided to give it one more shot. It’s such a pity that she was so close to a gold medal.