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2 Silver was taken by men and women’s team in Archery in 2017 Universiade


The final recurve men’s and women’s team both competed against Koreans and received two silver medals.

The recurve men’s team has been collecting silver medals since 2009 Belgrade Universiade, 2015 GwangJu Universiade and also this time. Every member has tried their best so they are satisfied with the result.

The teammates are Wei Chun Heng, Peng Shih Cheng, and Deng Yu Cheng, who just graduated from high school. After the game, Wei said that it’s very pity that they didn’t get the gold medal but he also emphasized that everyone have play to the fullest and thanked their opponents for an excellent match. He thanked the coach and every audience that cheered for them.

Peng said that the South Korean team is really a strong team. The coach had told them not to think about their opponents but to focus on their own move. He has done what the coach said, so he was satisfied with the outcome.

Le Chien Yin, Tan Ya Ting and young athlete Peng Chia Mao made up the women’s team. The team took the upper hand at the beginning, later came to a deadlock. The overtime game was played and finally Korean grabbed the gold.