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Weightlifter Lo from NTNU Grabbed Another Bonze in Women's 90kg Class

Chinese Taipei weight lifter Lo Ying Yuan received the fourth bronze medal in the weight class of 90kg. A student from the Department of Athletic Performance, Lo lifted 105 kg in the snatch modality and 130 kg at the clean and jerk for a total of 235 kg and eventually obtaining a bronze medal for the Taiwanese delegation.
In this year's Asian Weightlifting Championship, Lo lifted 95 kg in the snatch modality and 136 kg at the clean and jerk for a total of 231 kg, bringing back a silver medal with her best performance ever.
Lo started with 100kg, ranked in third among all athletes. She succeeded in the first attempt in 100kg and second attempt in 105kg. In the third attempt, she tried to lift 107kg but failed. Lo was ranked 4th in snatch with 105kg and made a record of her best performance in the snatch.
In the clean and jerk, Lo Ying Yuan successfully lifted 130kg at the first time, and failed and her 2 attempts of 138kg, winning a bronze medal in home field.