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NTNU Athlete Grabbed Bronze in Men's 400m Relay in 2017 Universiade

Student of NTNU, Cheng Po Yu and his teammates, Yang Chun Han, Wei Yi Ching Cheng Po-yu and Chen Chia Hsun won a bronze for Taiwan. On August 28th, the Chinese Taipei men's 4x100m team has run their best performance in 39.06 seconds with competitors like America and Japan. 
All athletes walked and introduced from the start of 100m. The audience cheered for them. The Japanese team, led by Shuhei Tada, a bronze medalist at London 4x100m, won the gold medal in 38.65 seconds. The Americans came after them in 38.69. At the final run, the Chinese Taipei team ran the fourth line, in between Switzerland and Thailand, got a record of 39.06 seconds and a bronze medal. 
Chen, serves at the last leg, said that because of the loud cheering voice of the crowd, he didn't hear what his teammate said when giving him the baton. It was all their hard practice and familiarity, he successfully took the baton. He said that Yang told him to run at full speed and think that they all run as a team. 
Yang Chun Han, who won the first gold medal for Chinese Taipei, said that his teammates were well prepared in practicing and preparation. What he worried the most about was himself. 
Chen Chia Hsun said that the teammates have open and discussion between teammates and coach. Everyone has presented their potential this time. He was really nervous and told Yang about this. Yang told him that "You are not alone, we are all in this together." which was really touching to him.