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Another Silver Goes to Rhythmic gymnastics in 2017 Universiade

One of the last competition in the 2017 Universiade took place on August 29th. Hsu Tzu Chi, from NTNU Gymnastics, received another silver medal in 3 balls 2 ropes, defeating top athletes from Japan and Ukraine after the team got a silver for All-around. Their coach Masami Nakata is now a Ph.D. student at Department of Physical Education, NTNU. 
For two consecutive days, the team of Chinese Taipei defeated competitors from Japan, South Korea and China, setting the best record of Chinese Taipei in this category. 
This is the first time for Chinese Taipei athletes to join the rhythmic in groups and they received silver medals in all round and 3 balls and 2 ropes. After a year of solid training, the teammates are close to their coach Masami Nakata, who is strict about discipline and training. The girls are really hard working and resistant under hard practice.  
Masami Nakata, who is in a Ph.D. program of NTNU, took the position as coach for training athletes joining the 2017 Universiade. It was remarkable that the team she coached won the one of her teacher, Keiko Onoda, who was her coach 17 year ago when she was in Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education. Onoda said that she hopes to see Nakata again in Asian Games or even Olympic Games.
During the three days of competition, many audience came and show support towards the athletes. They would like to say thank you to everyone that came and hope that the world can recognize Taiwan through their performance. 
Masami Nakata said that the athletes are in good shape physically and psychologically, they had a meeting after the game. She has faith in them and was glad to see that they have made a great performance in the second half.