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Taiwan Ranked 2nd in 2017 International Earth Science Olympiad

The Taiwan team, trained by professors of NTNU, had a good showing at the 11th International Earth Science Olympiad, IESO 2017 in Nice, France. A total of 108 students from 34 countries attended this year. Taiwan is ranked the second in the world with two golden medals and two silver ones. The team were selected from among 478 students after a series of tests and training by more than 10 professors led by NTNU’s Chang Chun Yen. Huang Shen Chang, a gold medalist from Taichung Municipal Taichung First Senior High School, received a silver on earth science project. 
This year, students not only take written test, practical test, some were taken place outdoor, they have to pass the International Team Field Investigation and Earth Science Project. Participants are asked to communicate, arrange work, discuss, and making power point and poster in a limited time. This is how IESO is different to other science Olympiad. 
To recognize students’ outstanding performance, the MOE formulated and issued special regulations. The Regulations for Preferred Status Admission to Institutions of Higher Education for Award Holders for the International Mathematics and Science Olympiads and International Science Fair stipulate that those who win gold, silver, or bronze medals in the IESO can be automatically admitted into related university departments, or recommended for admission to any department. Additionally, those who win a gold medal will receive a 200,000 NT dollar scholarship; those who win a silver medal will receive a 100,000 NT dollar scholarship; and those who win a bronze medal will receive a 50,000 NT dollar scholarship. A student who wins two or more different awards during the same academic year can only apply for the most valuable scholarship he or she qualifies for.
Taiwan has participated in the IESO since 2007, and has performed very well each year. To date, Taiwan has won 31 gold and 13 silver. The next IESO will be held in Thailand. The team of Taiwan will continue to keep up with the excellence performance.