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NTNU Won 1 Gold 7 Silver 4 Bronze at 2017 Universiade

Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade came to an end on August 30th. Athletes from the Department of Athletic Performance and Department of Physical Education bring back 1 gold, 7 silver and 4 bronze. 6 teachers from NTNU served as coach instructing the athletes.  President Chang Kuo En awarded the athletes with a total of 460,000 to honor the students for their hard work. 
51 students from NTNU joined the Universiade as athletes. They have had a good showing at Taekwondo, Women's Basketball, Track and Field, Women's Weight lifting, Archery and Rhythmic Gymnastics.   President Chang Kuo En presented the prize to the students to show approval of their honor. Gold medalist will receive 50,000, silver medalist will receive 30,000 and bronze medalist will receive 20,000.
Su Chia En won the first gold medal in the mixed pair poomsae in the history of Chinese Taipei in Universiade. She was filled with joy and presented a signed coat and cap to President Chang with NTNU Taekwondo team.  Head coach, Lee Chia Rong said that NTNU is the first school that started to teach poomsae courses. At that time, poomsae wasn't even listed in Universide, Asian Games or the Olympic. The athletes have to work on gymnastics as well in poomsae courses.  He said that the students deserve what they earn in every event of Taekwonko. 
Chuang Chia Chia, a Ph.D. student received a silver medal in the 67 kg weight class under injury.   She admitted that she felt depressed when finding that there's a spur in her ankle and worried about the training and her performance on the field. She was grateful to the medical team that helped her ease her pain. "It was a pity not to get a gold medal, but what's more important is to do the best you can in games."
Wang Wei Ling, Huang Hsiang Ting and Chen Yen Yu are from the Department of Athletic Performance. These basketball players were doing great in games.  Wang said that she liked the game against Russia the most. They reversed the game and keep the bronze medal. The audiences were cheering for them so they were highly motivated.  "After the game, we danced on the field because we want our fans to be happy, they have gone through a big sunny day in lines and waited for safety checks."
Chinese Taipei women's national volleyball team lost to Ukraine in 1:3, but fans were impressed by their spirit.  Team captain and ace spider Chen Wan Ting received much attention because of her handsome look. She replied modestly that she will do as best as she can and search for breakthrough and won't let the fans down. 
6 teachers from NTNU are selected as Chinese Taipei team. They are Lee Chia Rong for Taekwondo, Weng Shih Hang for gymnastic, Liu Bi Yu for Archery, Liang Chi Yin for women's basketball team, and Lin Shu Huei and Tsai Yu Ru for Track and Field.