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Mobility of NTNU Students Discovering the World

National Taiwan Normal University has 70 years of history. Among more than 40,000 universities in the world, the academic reputation of NTNU has reached no. 289; in terms of internationalization NTNU was ranked 122 in the world, which is also the highest in Taiwan. Times Higher Education (THE) made a list of the world's top 200 universities with the most foreign students and NTNU was ranked no. 152, the only university in Taiwan listed. All of the above have shown that NTNU is recognized internationally with the improved quality of research and internationalization. 
In order to broaden students' horizon and cultivate professional talents, NTNU has actively established exchange programs with overseas universities to connect sister schools and create an international learning environment for students. We have been in liaison with 313 universities around the world with prestigious schools like University of British Columbia, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, University of California, Los Angeles, Johns Hopkins University, University of London, Australian National University, New Zealand University of Otago, Osaka University, etc. The schools are spread in 40 countries throughout Europe, the United States, Asia and Oceania.
The main purpose is to build an international network where students can go abroad and exchange overseas, to accumulate international experience, to enhance cross-cultural communication and adaptability. Those with global literacy and competiveness will have unlimited possibilities. Double degree, exchange students, visiting students, short-term language and culture courses and internship opportunities are available in different universities. In the academic year 2016, nearly 40% of students went abroad on exchange, visit, practicum, participate in competitions or international meetings.
In addition to these changes of going abraod, NTNU also provides generous scholarships to encourage students to exchange or intern abroad. In the academic year 2016, for example, a total of 195 student are offered scholarships to study abroad. 18 students received the MOE Scholarship for Excellent Students to Study Overseas Internships and many received the MOE Pilot Overseas Internships. 
In addition, NTNU has another scholarship for underprivileged students to go broad. These various programs equip NTNU students with chances for international learning and mobility.