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Chinese Taipei Tug of War Women’s team Wins 2 Gold at 2017 European Tug of War Championships


The female team is composed of the tug of war team of National Taiwan Normal University and students from Taipei Jingmei Girls High School. They went to England for the 2017 European Tug of War Championships and brought back in the under-23 500 kg category and the women's 520 kg category as well as number 4th in 560 kg category and a silver medal in under 23 tournaments. 
Chinese Taipei Tug of War Women’s team went to Sweden last year for 2016 Tug of War International Federation (TWIF) Open Club Championship and brought back 4 Gold Medals. This year, they work as hard. 
 European Tug of War Championships is held in every two years and this year it took place at Southport, England. It's required at least 6 groups participating in the category of age under 23, although Taiwan was well prepared in the past few years, there were not enough participants so we have never joined this category. 
9 teams including Chinese Taipei participated the under 23 group, they are Germany, Britain, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, Wales, and the final round Chinese Taipei competed with Switzerland for the championship.
On September 21st, Chinese Taipei Tug of War Women’s team. It got past Switzerland in the semifinals in under 23 500 kg category. 
On the next day in the 560 kg category, the Chinese Taipei Team defeated the English team and took the second Gold at 2017 European Tug of War Championships. In the last tournament, when they committed foul for three times accidentally, so they received a runner-up prize. 
To some several high school athletes, this is their first game abroad. For them, it's a precious experience that will strengthen their mind and skills. The coach is positive about how the athletes deal with cold weather and a foreign environment.