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NTNU Students Visit Companies and School in Indonesia

When speaking about Jakarta, many people may not know that it's the capital of Indonesia. The Office of Teacher Training and Career Service of NTNU started a program that sends students overseas for a two-week internship. With the support of the Ministry of Education, NTNU sent 5 students from different backgrounds to Jakarta, Indonesia. 
Associate Professor Lin Tzu Bin lead 5 students to Indonesia in September. This time, pre-service teachers and those who aren't in education program all went abroad to visit educational institutes and companies. They have visited Jakarta Taipei School, Tungya Collins Terminal, Daijo Industrial, Moon Lion Industries Indonesia and Formosa Plastic Indonesia. 
Jakarta Taipei School has prepared a teaching instructor, administration instructor and mento instruction for each of the students. A sharing meeting was arranged for interns to discuss with local students about their life experience. The students have gained an insight about schools with multi-cultural students.  Principal Chen Kuo Liang reminded the intern that students should see the world in an open heart. Many people still have the impression of Indonesia many years ago but now it's not the same anymore.  
The companies are highly impressed by the dramatic change of NTNU, who changed from a teacher training college into a comprehensive one. They are positive about the interns that grasp the opportunity of going abroad.  Officers took the interns to factories to get a better understanding of the production process and quality control management. In the sharing meeting, the companies talked about what kind of talent they are looking for and their ideas on policy planning. The interns talked about the change of NTNU and their future dreams. General Manager Lin of the Moon Lion Industries Indonesia reminded that if they decided not to be a teacher, they need to work harder and more experience. He hopes that they can take a bold step, keep trying and be down to earth.