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2017 Flying Geese Camp for New Academic Leaders

The annual Flying Geese Camp: Academic Leadership Development Program was held on September 22nd to help new academic leaders to be on track and lead the team. New academic leaders can know how administration is worked in NTNU in this two day program and they can know each other, learn from each other. 
Vice President Cheng Chih Fu said that is this rapid growing society, administration work is always a part of complaint. He hopes that all academic leaders can be firm and steady. It’s because all NTNU staff is working toward the same goal that makes NTNU a great place. The experience in administration can be pass on in the flying geese camp and new ideas can be shared. 
The name of this event is Chinese, Flying Geese Camp is derived from the flying-geese model. Geese has to fly long distances every year, when every goose flap their wings together and fly in v shaped formation, they can help each other and save energy. When the leading geese feels tires, other geese can be the lead. We hope that through this event, attendants can learn from each other, which is very positive for the development of the department.
This year, the camp was held in the training center in Zhudong. President of National Academy for Educational Research, Sheu Tian Ming, talked about the origin and plans of the Flying Geese Camp. Vice President Wu gave introduction about the administration resources at school. The brief introduction of the two administration officers was clear and new academic leaders have some basic understanding of it immediately.  
Nikky Lin, the Associate Professor and Chairman of the Department of Taiwan Culture, attended the camp last year. She said that in this camp, many questions about academic leadership can be answered. She was very happy that she had joined this when she first became the chairman. Lin said that the notes taken in the camp is very handy and useful. 
Chen Hsueh I, the Director of the Graduate Institute of European Cultures and Tourism, said that at first, when he first took the position, he was not familiar with all administrational activities and he wasn’t sure about the camp. However, the camp was aptly designed and very helpful. He realized that NTNU staffs are like the geese in the sky that help each other when needed and fly towards the same destination.