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Viola Masters Nobuko Imai and Koji Otsuki Came to NTNU

Nobuko Imai, a Japanese classical violist with an extensive career as soloist and chamber musician, and Koji Otsuki, a professional in baroque music, came to Taiwan in their busy schedule to give lecture to NTNU students on September 26th. 
There were about 200 audience, teachers and students came to the lecture. Nobuko Imai and Koji Otsuki provide one on one instruction to more than 10 students. The masters gave detail comments on the technique, style and interpretation of music. Nobuko Imai said that you have to relax when playing, so that the fingers are flexible. She also focus on the texture of music. One must pay attention to the quality of the 
sound when playing viola to know what the right sound is. 
Koji Otsuki talked about his research and teaching method when giving instructions. He said that there are many ways to play a Bach solo piece, for example, using a Baroque bow or gut strings when performing or even imitate Violacello, will be similar to Baroque music.
Chang Kai Weng is one of the students that received one on one instruction. She said that music is like cooking, when you add different seasoning, the taste will be different. She said that the teacher is open to more possibilities and see the music piece in a comprehensive way. 
Chen Ming Wei, who studies at Musikhochschule Trossingen, came to this event and was impressed by the master class. The teacher can easily demonstrate what she meant and played in different sound characteristics.