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10th International Academic Seminar of Taiwan Culture at NTNU

The 10th International Academic Seminar of Taiwan Culture, organized by the Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature, was held on September 8th and 9th. The topic was about gender and this is one of the valuable seminar about Taiwan literature in 10 years. The issues discussed in the seminar includes gender writing, image reproduction, queer research, masculinity, identity, ethnic politics and women's culture. This shows the new trend of gender and Taiwan literature in Taiwan.
The two-day seminar was packed with nearly 60 scholars from Taiwan or abroad and more than 300 teachers and students who were highly interested in the topic.  
The International Academic Seminar of Taiwan Culture, started in 1994, is aimed for the discussion for the literature, language and culture of Taiwan. 
This is also one of the most important seminar on Taiwan studies internationally. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the ending of martial law. The theme of the seminar is about the discussion of gender in the period after martial law. 
Prof. Chiu Kuei Fen and Prof. Shih Shu Mei were invited as key note speakers. The scholars that attended the seminar are from America, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Belgium. Taiwan is viewed in a broader scope, both locally and internationally. The last topic was about ethnic and different groups include minority groups. Indigenous people and new immigrants were involved in the discussion. There were so many things that the attendants wanted to share, the session was 1 hour longer than planned. The Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature will continue to work on gender issues and promote cross discipline discussion.