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Gold Medalist for World Skills Competition in 24 years Trained by NTNU

Dean Lin Chun Liang of the College of Arts helped training contestants for the 44th World Skills Competition and grabbed the gold medal that hasn’t belongs to Taiwan for 24 years. 
Founded in 1950, "WorldSkills" is the global hub for skills excellence and development. WorldSkills brings youth, industries, and educators together to give youth the chance to compete, experience, and learn how to become the best in their skill of choice. From the traditional trades to multi-skilled technology careers in the industry and service sectors, supported by partners, industries, governments, volunteers, and educational institutions, WorldSkills vision is to improve the world through the power of skills. 77 Member countries and regions, all working with youth, educators, governments, and industries to help prepare the workforce and talent of today for the jobs of the future. Former Vice President Lin Pang Song conducted the training and competition of graphic design from 1992 to 1996 and Taiwan received the gold medal of graphic design in 1993. Dean Lin Chun Liang took the responsibility as chief referee and coordinator. NTNU has always played an important role in the cultivation of talents in art. 
This 44th World Skills Competition held in Abu Dhabi has a total of 51 categories of projects with a participation of nearly 1,300 people which makes it the most competitive one in recent years. Queenie Huang, a graphic designer training by the Department of Design by NTNU has defeated contestants from China, Japan, Germany, South Korea and Austria and won the gold medal that hasn’t belongs to Taiwan in 24 years.
Huang said that the training was hard but she kept in faith and practiced again and again so that she could stand out from the crowd. At the age of a sophomore, she received the gold medal in Taiwan and Internationally.