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Oversea Internship to Internationalization

In recent years, the ranking of NTNU has been rising in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings and QS University Rankings. It's our priority to raise students in an International environment. The Office of Teacher Education and Career Service has sent 101 students abroad for their internship in 2017. 41 of them are pre-service teachers that went to educational institutes and 36 of them attended business internships.  In addition, 24 students were sent to institutes in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malasia in responding to the New Southbond Policy. 
"Don’t fill the hole but set the fire." This is what really touches Ke Yun Ro, a pre-service teacher, who went to Nanyang Junior College.  This is a very inspirational sentence. We always teach students to fill the hole and they receive the knowledge passively. However, this is a never-ending process and students don't even know what they've learned. Teachers should inspire students to think and fall in love with learning. When students are active in learning, that's when education is meaningful to them. 
Pre-service teachers who went to universities or Overseas Taiwan Schools in Canada, Japan, Singapore, Shanghai, Myanmar all have some kind of reflection.  With the opportunity of going abroad, pre-service teachers will gain a different point of view and understand cultures, which will be helpful in differential instruction. 
During their visit abroad, pre-service teachers can participate in classroom observation, share the culture of Taiwan and teach in English. This is a valuable experience for future teachers. 
In order to share the experience of overseas internships, the Office of Teacher Training and Career Service held a "Presentation of oversea internship of pre-service teachers" on October 13th. 28 students in 6 groups shared the idea of education without boundaries.