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Preparatory Courses for Foreign Students at DPP

As the trend of learning Mandarin has swept across the globe, the Division of Preparatory Programs has now take it to the next level so that more and more people can come to appreciate the beauty of Mandarin. Starting from October, with an aim to strengthen the cooperation with ASEAN countries, 4 weeks of preparatory course is available for foreign students, including the culture, travel vocabulary, food, songs and movies in Mandarin. 
Thailand and the Philippines are two major target for this program and student can go to basic or intermediate level of their choice. Filed trips are arranged once in two weeks. Students went to moon festival, double tenth day or university expositions. It was an effective way to learn in an all-Mandarin environment. 
One Pilipino student said that it was her first time coming to Taiwan. She thinks that the course are really interesting and has learned a lot from it. Another Filipino student said that he came here last year and deeply fell in love with Taiwan in only one week. As a writer, he wanted to introduce Taiwanese culture to his friends in the Philippines through articles. He plans to enroll in a master program next year. One Thai student said that it was his first time making a pottery, which looked easy but is actually hard and he had a lot of fun.
Taiwan is now a great place to learn Mandarin but has also gained reputation throughout the years. The preparatory class finished on October 27th, after a month of learning, students performed in drama and songs.