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Taiwan Hostfamily Program For Foreign Students

Doan Thi Thom, a Masters student in the Chinese Language and Culture Department of National Taiwan Normal University, traveled from Vietnam to Taiwan in September last year. When she misses family, she wanted to speak with Vietnamese people but there are not so much Vietnamese students in the school. Through the Ministry of Education Taiwan Hostfamily Program, Doan was hosted by a Vietnamese family, when she feels homesick, she would go visit them.
According to statistics from the Ministry of Education, 3,753 families have completed their home-training programs so far since 2010, participating in the Taiwan Hostfamily Program and many overseas students see Taiwan as their second home. This year, in line with the new South-bound policy, the Ministry of Education also recruits immigrant families to become host families, and 17 of them have taken part in the program. The Ministry of Education invited host families and students to share their experiences on November 15.
Doan Thi Thom was a student in the Chinese Department of Hanoi National University in Vietnam. She was influenced by her Taiwanese teachers and decided to study Chinese language teaching in Taiwan. She hoped to go back to Vietnam to do Chinese-language teaching in the future because many Vietnamese people now want to learn Chinese but there is a great shortage of local teachers.
Doan Thi Thom said that with the help of host family during her stay in Taiwan, she was able to integrate into Taiwan's culture more quickly. A 96-year-old grandfather named Cheng Dade, who has been close to her because she was always appreciate The wisdom of the elderly, for example the secret of longevity, etc, and the grandfather loves to share it with her.  
Duan said that "I am really happy to have a host family that has the same cultural background with me in Taiwan. There is a 96-year-old grandfather. He is really good and willing to participate in the family reception activities, I am interested in the wisdom of the elderly and he is my first Taiwanese elder friend I met in Taiwan. I am super happy to chat with him.” The host family, Mr Cheng also mentioned that "I am grateful to the government for promoting the new South-bound Policy and the programs of the Ministry of Education so that immigrant families also have the opportunity to become host families. After receiving Doan Thi Thom, our family become happier!” Doan gave the family a big hug to say thank you for their dedication and care.