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Chiang Meng Chih from NTNU Contributes to the Sensation of LoL

Chiang Meng Chih, age 31, has been living in the states for 6 years. She is the Creative Director of her studio, Mengdom Experimental Design Lab, and serves as senior designer at McCann Erickson. Chiang also teaches at School of Visual Arts, New York. 
Meng’s artwork — “A Stranger to Words” has been recognized by many top awards, including Red Dot Award, Macao Design Biennial Award, The Lumen Prize, Adobe Design Achievement Award, Google Chrome Experiments and has been featured in exhibitions worldwide. Her clients include world-known brands like Nike, MAC and she was the design lead of the website of League of Legends. 
David Linderman, the funder of Big Hard Drive, has worked with Chiang and praised her as a digital designer that has extraordinary talents. Chiang designed an interactive interface for Lol and David said that she has captured the style of the brand and designed visually attractive cards that are unique and fascinating. 
Meng was born in Pingtung, Taiwan. Due to family economic hardship, she began learning art in her childhood by herself. In 2005, she graduated with first place honor from the art-specializing class at National Pingtung Senior High School where she received a three-year full scholarship. Meng was later accepted to the BFA program in Visual Communication Design at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), as the recipient of Merit Scholarship. During college years, she actively explored a great diversity of graphic design and self-learned front-end programming. Upon graduation from NTNU, Meng was hired as a web designer at Medialand, which was one of the top digital design agencies in Taiwan.