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Professors and Alumni of NTNU Assisted in Winning the 44th World Skills Competition

 Taiwan received 4 Gold medal, 1 silver, 5 bronze and 27 honorable mentions at the 44th World Skills Competition. The gold medalists were trained by professors of NTNU and NTUST. The professors also served as the judge and expert at the 44th World Skills Competition.

The categories of the gold medals are graphic design technology, automobile technology, cabinetmaking and electronics. Four professors are from vocational school who have been award-winning contestants themselves. They are experienced in competitions in Taiwan and abroad, communication and problem-solving.  Dean Lin Chun Liang of the College of Arts is the duty chief expert in the category of graphic design technology. Alumni Hou proposed wooden furniture to be test project and was chosen as the test this year.  Four international referees are experienced enough to analyze the situation of Taiwanese contestants and our competitors, coming up with a good solution. Thi is the secret to the success.  
47 contestants attended the competition in 42 categories. After 9 months of training, they went to the 44th World Skills Competition on October 8th to 21st in Abu Dhabi.
This 44th World Skills Competition held in Abu Dhabi has a total of 51 categories of projects with a participation of nearly 1,300 people which makes it the most competitive one in recent years. Queenie Huang, a graphic designer training by the Department of Design by NTNU has defeated contestants from China, Japan, Germany, South Korea and Austria and won the gold medal that hasn’t belongs to Taiwan in 24 years.