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Flying Geese Camp: Internationalization from the Department

The last seminar of the Flying Geese Camp: Academic Leadership Development Program this semester was held on January 5th. This seminar is targeted for the academic leaders in higher education for Internationalization. 
Vice President for International Affairs Yu Kuang Chao serves as the main speaker. Chairman Liu Hsiang Lin of the Department of Physics, Director of the Graduate Institute of International Human Resources Development Yeh Chu-Chen Rosa and Chairman Lin Mei Chun of the Department of Physic Education were invited to share their experience on oversea recruitment, helping foreign students and exchange students. 
Director Liu Hsiang Lin said that his main idea for Internationalization is to strengthen the local and recruit the overseas. He welcomed talented people to study at NTNU and invited outstanding overseas students via targeted recruitment. With the government promoting South-bound policy in recent years, he has been contacting South East Asian students. Liu said that it's a great opportunity to mee the directors and know more about each other and teachers in related fields. When there's a chance for a student exchange, they would think of NTNU. 
Director Yeh Chu-Chen Rosa talked about her experience of International students. Students come from all different countries have various backgrounds. They tend to be more independent and pay attention to privacy. It's suggested that you have to pay special attention when communicating with foreign students. In addition to supporting them on daily need and academically, they have assisted some foreign students with internship application. 
"Step by step and they would like this department wholeheartedly." said Chairman Lin Mei Chun said that first they will hold orientation party, lunch meeting and know more about each other. Later, field trips, housewarming party and sports events were arranged for everyone to know more about each other. 
Yu Kuang Chao said that actually, NTNU has a prestigious reputation. According to a statistics from OIA, more than 51% students come to NTNU because they were introduced by a friend. It's proven that NTNU has gained a position Internationally. Vice President Wu encouraged the new academic leaders from all different departments to work closely towards the goal of Internalization.