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Master of Arts from NTNU

At the end of 2017, art awards in Taiwan or abroad have been announced one after another. Prof. Gordon S. W. Chin from the Music Department received the National Award for Arts with honor. Alumni, retired professor from National Tsing Hua University Fan Siang Bin received the Lifetime Achievement Award of Arts Education Contribution Award. Hsieh Li Fa got a National Cultural Award, the Ministry of Culture. These prizes were given by different organization for different value and meanings.
NTNU is the pioneer of higher education in Taiwan. Renowned writer Liang Shih Chiu, Chinese New Confucian philosopher Mou Zongsan, artist Ma Pai Sui, Chen Houei Kuen, painter Lin Yu Shan, Liao Chi Chun, as well as musician Dai Cui Lun and Tyzen Hsiao have all taught at NTNU. 
The Department of Fine Arts and the Department of Music were the departments that first established when the school was founded. They are home to many elites in the field of arts. Many professors and alumni award-receivers.
National Cultural Award was conferred by the Executive Yuan. The National Cultural Award—Taiwan’s  highest cultural award— is presented to honor the winners’ lifetime contributions to local arts and culture. It is also intended to set paradigms of value to help hand down culture, which not only is a stabilizing force at the foundation of society but also serves to promote the nation’s sustainable development.
National Award for Arts was held by the National Culture and Arts Foundation. This year marks its 20th anniversary. The awards focus the spirit of art contribution and exhibition, including literature, arts, music, dance, drama, movie and architecture. So far, there are 103 award winner and 19 of them are related to NTNU. 
Arts Education Contribution Award was held by the Ministry of Education. It was for the group and individuals that contribute to the art education. So far, there are 12 award winners and half of them are related to NTNU.