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First Holding Business in Taiwan by Industry and University at NTNU

The first holding business in Taiwan, founded by the industry and the university, started in January 16th. The Chairman of the Board, Rock Hsu, comes from New Kimpo Group. The stakeholders come from all kinds of different fields, like electronic company, technology business, bookstore and Melamine company. This company will provide students with valuable resources and lead the startup of NTNU to the International stage with four major advantages. Teacher and students running a startup, cross-discipline advantage, cross-boundaries advantage and social responsibility.
In recent years, more and more universities have been promoting the cooperation between the industry and academic institutes. However, it is not that helpful in terms of industrial transformation in Taiwan. Only by being creative and startups can be helpful to the industry in Taiwan. 
In addition to creativity, what's more important for startup runners is experience and funds. Now most young people and students in Taiwan are lack of funds because of various limitation on fundings. Oftentimes, those who are interested in launching businesses soon faced the challenge once started.  
National Taiwan Normal University, the leader of Educational Universities in Taiwan, has changed into a Comprehensive University towards Trans-disciplinary Integrated University. NTNU alumni are praised and hired by major enterprises in Taiwan. It proves that NTNU has educated many outstanding professionals in all disciplines. Now in this trend of start-ups, NTNU found the first holding business with famous enterprises in Taiwan. This company will provide available assistance schemes that support start-ups at different stages of growth, hoping to build a unicorn in Taiwan.