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Anna Kindler Share Experience on Pluralistic Faculty Promotion

Senior Advisor International Anna Kindler was invited to be chair professor of NTNU. She gave a speech with the title of "Teaching and Educational Leadership Tenure Track at UBC: What it is and how it works from institutional and faculty perspectives" on March 1st. 
In her opening, she said that the talents travel around easily due to globalization. Even universities suffer from the loss of talent. It's vital to break the academic wall to attract talents.  Anna Kindler shared her idea from institutional and faculty perspective. Now in such competitive environment, it's common for schools to require teachers to do all kinds of things, rather than focusing on research and teaching. It does harm to teachers' personal life as well as teaching quality. 
According to Prof. Anna Kindler, in the old times, tenure-track was the norm, but if a teacher only teaches and stop doing research, it's possible that he or she couldn't catch up the trend of education. If we can educate teachers in the perspective of education leadership, there will be more possibilities for both students and teachers. 
Another speaker Paul Kindler is an example of the old system. After graduated from the Medical School of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, he entered UBC as vice researcher and teaching fellow. However, his passion of life diminished day by day, so did his private life. He admitted that the new system is better in that teachers can interact with students in more creative teaching environment and method.