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The Chinese Taipei Tug-of-War Team Got 3 Gold 1 Silver at 2018 TWIF Indoor Championship

The Chinese Taipei Tug-of-War Team, consists of athletes from Jingmei High School and NTNU, did well at the championship at 2018 TWIF Indoor Championship. The team grabbed 3 gold and 1 silver and bring honor to their school. 2018 TWIF Indoor Championship was held in Xuzhou, Jiangsu on March 8th. Vice President of Office of Student Affairs Chang Shao Hsi led the team to China.
On March 8th, the open of ladies U23-500 Kg weight class took place. Chinese Taipei team competed with Zhejiang Police College and Berriozar and won by 2:0. It was a good start. The coach, Lee Ru Chung was in the team of Chinese Taipei that first won the championship. It means a lot to her that she can pass on her knowledge and skill to the younger generation. 
Seven teams joined the 500kg class this year, including Chinese Taipei, Mongolia, Basque, Latvia, China, Germany and South Korea. Latvia quit the game so there were only 6 teams. In the preliminary contest, Chinese Taipei team was second to China. 
In the semi-final, Chinese Taipei and China defeated Basque and South Korea by 2:0. Both teams made it to the final game. 
All nine athletes are from Jingmei high school, some currently studying there and some are now NTNU students. Principal Huang said that with so many new athletes in the team, it's impressive to see their good result. After continuous practices, they will do a better job next time. It's a pleasure to see the athletes growing game by game.