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Students of Chiba University Come to NTNU for Practicum

The cooperation of NTNU and Chiba University has now officially started. Students and faculty came to NTNU for a 2-week visit on March 5th. Four pre-service teachers from NTNU will go to Chiba University on May 14th to 26th. 
Chiba University consists of nine faculties, the university library, the university hospital and other educational and research facilities. With 11,179 students in the undergraduate program, it has long been one of the largest universities in Japan. As for the graduate school, there are about 2,354 students in ten master's programs and 1,220 in nine doctoral programs.
This is the first time for students from Chiba University to come to Taiwan for practicum. They also visited an elementary school, junior high school and senior high school for class observing. They could know more about the education system and daily life on campus in Taiwan.  Assistant Professor at College of Teacher Education Yeh Yi Fen and Director Lin Tzu Bin at the Office of Teacher Training and Career Service gave a short talk to the guests on Teacher Education in Taiwan and Education in Taiwan. Students from Japan than introduced the Education in Japan. 
The title of the event is "Experience sharing: What have we learned from each other?". Students from Chiba University and NTNU both make presentations, learn from other's strength and reflect on their disadvantages. They return to the start of education and discover the many possibilities of it. 
During their visit, one learning buddy was allocated to one Japanese student. In addition to accompanying their class observation and discussion, they also attended recreation activities together like going to Jiufen, Pingxi and enjoying delicious food. They also went to National Palace for a half day trip. Japanese students were so impressed by the cultural objects and were happy that they came to Taiwan.