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Dept. of Physic Wen Tzu Yun Got Gold from WKF

Wen Tzu Yun, from Department of Physical Education, defeated the Gold winner of last year Tuba Yakan by 3:1 on March 18th on European Championships held in Rotterdam, Netherlands. This was her first gold award this year and she moved a huge step closer to the Tokyo Olympics 2020. 
World Karate Federation Karate 1 Premier League. The competition will take place at Paris (France), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Rabat (Morocco), Istanbul (Turkey), Bahrain (Bahrain), Tokyo (Japan). 
Wen Tzu Yun, ranked 3rd in the world, won Tuba Yakan, who ranked 6th in the world class of 55kg. At the moment when she won, Wen was on cloud nice, jumping and waving her hands delightfully. 
During the competition, Wen was in discomfort due to her ankle pain. It was her second time competing with Yakan. She didn't think about it much, just tried her best to warm up to be as fast as she can while in the game.  
In the open game in France in January, she was knocked out. In the open game in Dubai in February, she received a bronze. Wen said that after the game in Dubai, she tried to practice more on facing with fast athlete. This time, she asked for some tactics with her coach before the game, but the coach has faith in her and asked her to focus on stage and keep good distance. It was true that she kept calm to won the match. 
After grabbing her first gold medal this year, Wen will attend the game in Morocco in April. 
After the game, Wen have found confidence again and be in a good condition. She said that when in Netherlands, she has suffered from jetlag and ankle pain. It was really lucy that she had games in the afternoon, so she could have enough time to prepare. Now Wen is ranked 3rd in the world. We hope that she can keep up her good performance and fight for the top position in the world.