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NTNU Prof. Jacky Baltes Assist with FIRA in Taiwan

Prof. Jacky Baltes of the Department of Electrical Engineering, also the chairman of Engineering Federation of International RoboSports Association, FIRA, handed out the certificate of membership and flag to the Ministry of Science and Technology and complete the ceremony with Minister Chen Liang Gee, and Director-General of Central Taiwan Science Park Dr. Chen Ming Huang, meaning the FIRA World Cup is now officially started. Faculties of the Department of Electrical Engineering are happy about it. 
Central Taiwan Science Park has win race to host the 2018 FIRA World Cup, a competition that is highly praised Internationally. The world cup will take place in Taichung, gathering Makers around the world in central Taiwan. 
Central Taiwan Science Park held a press conference about flag presentation and certification on April 13th. Central Taiwan Science Park is the first in Taiwan that's been invited to be an industry member. Lu Yao Zhi, Commissioner of Taichung City’s Department of Economic Development and Executive Secretary Christine Kim of FIRA showed up at the press conference. There was a human-like robot show that represents the opening of FIRA World Cup. 
Minister Chen Liang Gee first emphasized that the key for Central Taiwan Science Park to be the host is that central Taiwan is an important place for precision machinery. He hoped that people can know more about the strength of Taiwan in precision machinery. 
Chairman Jacky Baltes said that there are three goals for FIRA. First, research member can develop smarter, agiler robots. Second, the new robotics can be applied to problems we now face like climate change, water resources and green energy. Third, the public can know more about how complicated robotic science is and can estimate the hidden value objectively.