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Chiang Meng Chih Talks at NTNU About Fulfilling Dreams

“Only 3% of the population in the world can pursuit and insist their dream. Other 97% of people may put their dreams aside due to a variety of reason. Do you belong to the 3% or 97%? ”Chiang Meng Chih, an aluma of NTNU living in the states, came back to NTNU on April 9th and shared her story of fulfilling her dream and told students that persistence in the key to success. 
She has been living in the states for 6 years. She is the Creative Director of her studio, Mengdom Experimental Design Lab, and serves as senior designer at McCann Erickson. Chiang also teaches at School of Visual Arts, New York.
During her years at NTNU, she choose lots of courses like model, print, sculpture, carving, and course from other departments like interior design and product design. “I enjoy the process of trying and learn massively to make sure that I have found my favorite thing to do.”
Chiang was born in Pingtung, Taiwan. Due to family economic hardship, she began learning art in her childhood by herself. In 2005, she graduated with first place honor from the art-specializing class at National Pingtung Senior High School where she received a three-year full scholarship. Chiang was later accepted to the BFA program in Visual Communication Design at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), as the recipient of Merit Scholarship.While in college, Chiang worked hard to live on her own by doing part-time jobs and tutoring. This is the goal she set for herself, to be independent. She also insists on giving and contribution. Chiang thinks that we don’t need another successful person in the world but those who are willing to care and give to others. She teaches at her alma mater because she wants to be part of the education, share her experience to younger school mates and learn from them. Last, she told students that it’s hard to make dreams come true. It takes time before you can reach your goal. You have to work as hard as you can and win in the end to be the 3%.