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NTNU Gymnasts Exceeds at National Intercollegiate Athletic Games 2018

The National Intercollegiate Athletic Games 2018 came to an end on April 15th. Athletes from National Taiwan Normal University have performed fairly well. The professional gymnastic team did well as expected and NTNU Gymnastics has broken the record and bring back 17 gold, 11 silver and 4 bronze, making NTNU the top 1 among all universities in numbers of medals. 
Chinese Taipei athlete in 2017 Universiade Tang Chia Hung and Mai Liu Hsiang-Han both from the Department of Athlete Performance, represent NTNU in the game.  Tang Chia Hung, the bronze winner at Universiade, has been a three-time gold winner at the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games. This year, he scored 13.975 at floor exercise, 13.725 at horizontal bar and 13.925 at rings, bringing back back three gold medals. 
This is Mai Liu Hsiang-Han's 8th Intercollegiate Athletic Games, who's also an athlete at the Universiade. She tops not only at floor exercise, uneven bars but also got her first gold medal at vault. Although she came to be the second balance beam, she thinks that this time she has overcome her fear and tried her best. At her Individual All-Around, Mai Liu's total score is 47.367 and floor exercise is 12.833. Mai Liu said that because she had followed the plan of her coach and her floor exercise is way better than expected, that's why she takes four gold and one silver in four days. 
NTNU Gymnastics team member comes from different departments. They have to spend lots of time practicing gymnastics almost every day because they only started it in college. This year, they have brought back the first group medal for male group and female group. NTNU Gymnastics is led by professional gymnast at NTNU. They become a big family where the experienced lead the newcomer and senior students lead junior one. When their teammate is in practice or in games, the whole team will cheer for them and provide mental support. NTNU Gymnastics is not only about score and games but the bond between every teammate.