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Dept. of Industrial Education went to Thailand training local teachers

To echo with the New Southbond Policy of the Ministry of Education, the Department of Industrial Education was invited by the government of Thailand to assist with training local teachers. Under the instruction of professors and graduate students of NTNU, 40 vocational teachers learned about app development and showed good results. 
In March, delegates sent by the Office of the Vocational Education, Ministry of Education of Thailand has visited Taiwan for a 10-day training. 18 members have had a good impression on the vocational education system and well developed industry-academic cooperation.  Chairman Sung Hsiu Te, Prof. Huang Chi Yo, Associate Prof. Hu Ru Ping and two graduate students went to Thailand for teacher training. The closing ceremony was held on May 11th and is a good example of the New Southbond Policy by the Ministry of Education.
Susan is a vocational teacher from Phichit, Northen Thailand. He said that he learned a lot about app development that can be applied to teaching as well as in daily life. The app designed with his tablet can open the car door, start or stop the engine. He thinks that Taiwan is advanced in automation, electrical engineering and machinery. Susan hopes that more teachers from Taiwan visit Thailand, or Thai teachers can attend trainings in Taiwan. 
Surapong, the Chief of the training center of the Office of the Vocational Education, said that the cooperation between NTNU and Thailand government is to improve vocational education in Thailand, especially in automation and robots, AI and digital technology for a better plan for Industry 4.0 in Thailand. 
Surapong pointed out that the vocational education in Thailand needs creativity and International Exchange. They think Taiwan is strong in technology and industry development, so they would like to continue the training and bring it to a greater scale. 
One graduate student Lin said that the teachers all have a good knowledge of apps, the only problem she sees is the language barrier. It took longer for the teachers to understand the lecture fully, but they can all catch up quickly.
Another graduate student Guo said that the rural-urban gap in Thailand is big, he hopes that Thai students can learn the application of digital products and get to know different cultures.