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OIA Lunch Party Gathers Foreign and Local Exchange Student

A lunch party for exchange students, held by the Office of International Affairs, took place at NTNU on June 7th. NTNU students who are about to go abroad as exchange students and those who come to NTNU met and greeted, sharing information about their schools. 
This luncheon is fun for everyone. The participants were divided into seven groups and had to introduce themselves to each other and talked about some favorite place in their hometown or even favorite idols. 
In the end, all the students sit in two concentric circles and talked to people who they haven't talked to this lunch party. It was a lovely afternoon. One student said that she was looking forward to this event, but it is very nice to meet someone that is going to the same university as an exchange student when in NTNU.
The Office of International Affairs was founded in August 2007 to advocate, support and pursue the University’ s goals in international education and exchange. The mission of the OIA is to strengthen the global dimensions of learning, teaching, research, and service throughout the University. It aims to enhance international cooperation by promoting exchange programs and recruiting international students.