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Alumnus of Department of Design Tops WIA

Designer from Taiwan, an alumnus of NTNU Chen Wu tops at the 2018 World Illustration Awards (WIA) on June 9 in England in the New Talent Editorial category for the work, "Eggs." He was chosen among 3300 applicants and his work is on display at Somerset House.
World Illustration Awards started in 1973 and has been one of the most important award on design in England. The awarding ceremony is held annually at Somerset House and the work will be in display for three weeks. 
Wu Chen, aged 24, graduated from the Department Of Design, NTNU. He was the winner of Adobe Design Achievement Awards and many other international prizes and his work is listed in Victionary and Asia-Pacific Design. Though he is a trained graphic designer, he also does illustration, package, photography and art design. Next, he will turn the work Egg into motions in 30 seconds. 
He hopes to end the commercialization of illustration of the general public and people can see and recognize illustration as art. The work Eggs, is created as a food magazine inside page illustration. Wu is happy that the judges like his work, which is to sparkle people's imagination of eggs. He will continue working hard as a designer/ 
Eggs is made up of 5 amusing and thought-provoking images, which are all about egg. One of it is an egg walking on a tightrope, which is about the fragile of eggs. According to Wu, the judges like his work because he gives a simple object in different settings and stories. It takes skills and imagination to illustrate ordinary objects.
Wu is humble about his winning. He said that there are many outstanding designers in Taiwan that keeps working internationally. He believes that a good design can change people's lives. He wants to work hard for Taiwanese people to realize what design is about and bring joy to people through his design.