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Thailand Alumni Association Celebrates the 72 School Anniversary

Vice President Frank Y-H Ying and administrator Hu from the Center of Public Affairs visited Thai alumni and joined the dinner at Evergreen hotel. Honor Chairman, and Chairman and many other guests came to the dinner. Vice President Ying visited the Representative Tung Chen-yuan at Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand. Later, a meeting was held at the Chinese Association in Thailand. About 30 alumni and chairmen attended the meeting. 
According to Vice President Ying, the purpose of this visit, except for meeting alumni in Thailand, is to promote NTNU as an Internationalized university. A number of departments have been added, many foreign students choose to study at the graduate Institute for Teaching Chinese as Second Language. Also, now we have more scholarships so that we may expect some outstanding student from Thailand this time. Vice President Ying focuses on two subjects this time, one is the magnificent building of Art department and another is that MTC is the largest, most prestigious Mandarin Teaching center in Taiwan.  Vice President Ying said that the main goal of NTNU is to educate students with creativity, gain professional knowledge, and open more Mandarin Teaching courses that are taught in English so that students can come to NTNU and learn. 
Head of the Overseas Community Affairs Division Kao Jia Fu hopes that all guests and teacher can work together for a better Chinese Language Learning education. This seminar lasts for two hours, the guests and hosts shared opinions happily.