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Alumnus Yang Wins Superior Taste Award with High Quality Tea

Alumnus of Graduate Institute of Sport, Leisure and Hospitality management class of 2007 Yang, Cheng Hua, devoted himself into tea industry instead of teaching and handsome salary of a foreign company, received the 2 Star award of the Superior Taste Award, iTQi with his brand Scentea. 
Without an actual store, his products were sold to countries Europe and America with the help of internet. The tea provided in the renowned Burj Al Arab is Yang's brand. He said that he wanted to start his own business when he was in NTNU. 
Aged 33, Marketing Director of Scentea Yang, was in the department of physics of NTNU. In his master program, he finished his thesis "Establishment of Balanced Scorecard of enterprise: A case study on a sports equipment company" under the instructor Prof. Cheng Chih Fu. Now his hard work has paid off.  
When in the master program, he joined the Young Entrepreneurs of the Future, YEF competition, which is a rewarding experience. At the beginning, he followed his parents wish to be a teacher that earns a stable salary. After 6 months of practicum, he founded that he is not interested in this position at all. After he finished the military service, he went to Australia for a year. Later, he joined a marketing department of a sports company. He realized that as long as the quality of the product is satisfactory, he can establish a brand that sells globally. 
Local tea stores mostly focus on in-bound markets but Yang wants to go global. He started to collect data four years ago about how people in different company drink tea. Europeans already have black tea and herbal tea so we can introduce them alpine oolong. American don't drink as much tea as the Europeans so we can introduce them black tea and reinforce the value with stories of tea in Taiwan. According to Yang, Taiwan is an ideal place for tea and we are capable to produce sophisticated tea products. He wants to promote the beauty of Taiwan's tea to more people in the world. 
The secret to Exquisite Alpine Oolong Tea that won the award is good management of tea garden and organic fertilizer. The hand-picked tea leaves preserved the unique taste of mountain tea, which aroma of orchid and pine. The sweet aftertaste is the key to win the chief's heart.
The Superior Taste Award is an annual non-competitive prize open to any food or drink product available on a retail basis, subject to payment of an entry fee of Euro 750-1650. The awards have been made since 2005 by the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi), based in Brussels, Belgium. In 2012, over 75% of submitted products were given an award. Products are blind tested by a panel of judges and scored out of 100 (first impression, appearance, smell, texture, taste and aftertaste), on their own merits, not competing against other products.